Touchless Experience

Now more than ever THERE is need Touchless experiences. here is the solution:

1. Create OR use an existing experience from Ubox Marketplace.

2. Plug your Ubox Player and Sensor into your Screen or Projector

3. Let your users access the NoTouch content!


Do you want to contact the partners?

Ubiquo Technologies
SC Robotics


No Touch Experience is the result of the collaboration between Ubox and SC Robotics for controlling devices without touch by means of using sensors , thus preventing the transmission of COVID-19.

Wait! What does that actually mean?

We are talking about interacting with devices without physical contact. There are many different applications! Let’s explain this with an example:

  • Imagine that you are in long queue in a pharmacy (drug store in some countries) awaiting to buy an important product you need and you would like to know if it is available. No problem, there is an screen showing the products and you can choose whichever you want without touching. In the future you could potentially order from there!


How does that work?

The sensor was built in partnership with SC Robotics and detects which option you have chosen and, on top of that , recognizes the movements from left to right and vice-versa. Also, as  mentioned when touched it will trigger acoustic and visual alarms and will be locked, letting the administrator know it was touched and needs cleaning.

Interesting, isn’t? 🙂

An image is worth a thousand words, so take a look! (Bear in mind this is a low quality picture…we are under lock down as everyone else and we have made all of this with the resources we had at hand, but also with our heart).

This sensor is affordable and is open source, so it can be built by anyone, thus breaking the boundaries which exist these days, and allowing the community to improve it!

link of THE OPEN SOURCE project



With Ubox you can program your experiences using web technologies (ie. Javascript, HTML, CSS), so if you know how to program a web, you can do it! If not, it is ok, we will provide you with some templates which can be edited very easily for your particular needs 🙂

Bear in mind that since Ubox is web based you can program from anywhere and collaborate with teams worldwide. Literally. We have developed projects in UK, Germany, US, Brasil, Spain, France, etc using this technology and we are more than happy to show you the potencial.

As a matter of fact, you can open the following link on a computer (on smartphones it does not work just yet) and test one of the application templates we are making for this.

  • Press 1,2 or 3 to choose whichever option 
  • Press left or right to change the page
  • Press T to mimic when the sensor is touch and thus blocked
  • Press Enter to unlock




PDF English version

PDF version en castellano