Getting Started

Herein you will learn how to create and distribute unique experiences using the power of new web technologies and sensors on this ever-changing world!

Let’s start from beginning to make sure we are on the same page…literally!

uBox can be used as standalone application or locally on the browser[1] for testing purposes  (even though some sensors such as Kinect cannot be mimicked fully, might be tested up to some extent using other methods which will be explained in their corresponding sections).

1]Note that even though uBoxPlayer standalone software runs on Windows 10 computers, for developing and testing on the web other OS (eg. MacOS) also work.

STEP 1. How to create an account?

An account has to be obtained in order to use uBoxStudio. If you do not have an account yet, follow this link to create the account and start developing astonishing experiences with uBox! Fill it in with the details, click on signup and you will receive an email for activating the account. Open the link in the mail and the account will be activated. Once the account is made and you are logged in you will be able to start using the web version.

STEP 2. How to create an experience application?

Once you have created the account you can create your first application by clicking on Create Application. There is more information on the tutorials page, so dive in and prepare yourself to create astonishing experiences using web technologies where there is no boundaries, just are while testing the results on the web!

STEP 3. How to install Ubox Player?

Send a mail to and we will assist you, so you will be able to starting using your experiences with the sensors such as Kinect, Orbbec Astra, Arduino,etc.

STEP 4. How to test the experiences on the Ubox Player?

You have to navigate to Uboxes tab , select the Ubox and activate the application you want to use. Run up the Ubox software on your machine and you are ready to go!